In June, Senta Berner (BUW), Philipp Lorber (BUW) and Heide Kerber (ISOE) travelled to Bangladesh to meet with the SCIP Team at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology and Khulna City Corporation. Various excursions, workshops and working group meetings were on the agenda.

An important task during the visit was the further development of environmental monitoring at the open dumpsite Rajbandh. During an on-site visit, the fencing was examined and appropriate approaches for the monitoring of plastic emissions were derived. The team also visited the Sholua landfill site, which is currently under construction and will be the first sanitary landfill in the region. At the end of the stay, the German team conducted a workshop on source-separated waste in the project’s own Awareness Centre, where the SCIP-Team discussed the various challenges, both in the technical and socio-cultural context.