Networking Meeting Marine:DeFRAG

As representatives of the SCIP-team, the BUW team participated in the networking meeting of the funding program “Marine:DeFRAG” on October 16, 2023, organized by Zukunft – Umwelt – Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH. The one-day event provided a platform for intense exchange of experiences and discussions on innovative solutions. The event particularly focused on discussing various monitoring methods and the intelligent use of eco-design and alternative materials.

The morning session was dedicated to intensive exchanges on the topic of “Monitoring”. Project implementers presented their diverse approaches to the investigation of different plastic fractions, leading to inspiring discussions and synergies. After the lunch break, the afternoon continued with a focus on “Waste prevention through intelligent use of eco-design and alternative materials”.

The event emphasized the role of participants as central actors who shared their experiences through short presentations. This interactive form of exchange not only facilitated the sharing of best practices but also promoted collective reflection on challenges and solutions.

The successful networking meeting strengthened collaboration and the joint effort against marine litter. We look forward to integrating the insights gained into our ongoing project and continuing to actively contribute to addressing this global environmental crisis.